Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ms. Sudkamp
Sculpture and Ceramics
24 September 2013

Art Article:
Chinese Ceramics

Among the leading ceramics in the sale is A Very Celadon-Ground Famile-Rose vase. The piece is
remarkable for the animal head handles, the celadon coloring, and the canopy-like mouth which could only have been created by the most skilled craftsmen. A fine and Rare Coral Ground Famile Rose Floral Bowl is beautifully decorated with peonies, asters, and other stylized flowers representing the wish for long and prosperous life.

A 'Ding' Bowl, Northern Song Dynasty is characteristic of the finest 'Ding" that are celebrated for their thin potting decorations. From looking at these bowls I can tell that a lot of hard work is put into them! I can also tell that the artists focus on detail a lot. Because of the hard work that is put into them, the prices are outrageous. $250/350,000! Some bowls have been included in the auction of The Prince Kung collection, one of the most important early sales of Chinese Works of Art in the United States. The sale took place over three days in February and March 1913 at America Art Galleries! It would be so cool to take a tour through this gallery!


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