Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. Sands Art 3 Final Portfolio

1.Which project was your most successful? Please explain.

I would have to say that the intertextuality project was my most successful because I think that I did a fantastic job cutting out stencils which made the whole piece look fantastic. It took me quite a while to complete the steps in making this though. I first had to trace the stencils. By doing that I had to separately put a filter on the one hundred dollar bill and the Barbie picture in order for me to trace it. After that was done I placed a huge sheet of paper onto the white board and projected the pictures up on for me to trace. That was the easiest step. After that was done I began to cut out the stencils that I traced which was a very confusing process for me, but it all worked out okay. When all the stencils were cut out I found a large enough poster board for me to spray paint on. I messed around with different colors and ended up liking this one the best. I'd have to say making this was definitely beneficial to me because I had good practice with cutting out stencils which really helped me later on through out the year.

2. Discuss one project where you felt you overcame the most obstacles.

I for sure overcame the most obstacles working on the time project. I honestly can say I do not like this project so much. It's well done and neat, but there's just something about it that bothers me. There needs to be more to it in my opinion. I re-did this at least 2 times doing different techniques until I ended up with this. I tried watercolor and acrylic paint from what I can remember. Though, this does shows me taking risks even if I ended up not liking how they turned out. I can say that it did make me into a better artist. I explored different techniques until I found that making a collage for this project was the one best for me.

3. What are 2 pieces of work that show your growth as an artist? Discuss.

Looking through my art I found that these two pieces show my growth through out the year all together as an artist. In the layers project I can say that I have had lots of practice cutting out stencils. Cutting out two layers of Styrofoam for each letter sure took a lot of time. To make the background I took a pillow case and cut it open so it could be one huge sheet that I could tye dye. In my artistic vision I am in love with the tye dye background and quote. When you read the quote you can understand the meaning of the piece more. "I feel most colored when I am thrown against a white background", meaning at first the background was white until I added the tye dye which was where I felt most colored at. I also grew as an artist making the perspective project. I grew in perfecting lines to make the picture look proportional as well as shading. In my artistic vision and hopefully everyone else, I can see the proportions of the building. Materials that I used were obviously drawing pencils, and to add something different to it I used tissue paper for the sky and road.

4. This semester we were introduced to a new way of teaching and learning. Explain your thoughts on how effective this was to your learning experience in this course. Provide examples through your art.

I liked how there was a wide variety of materials because it made brainstorming a lot easier for me. There were a lot of materials available for students to use. I also think that blogging your art pieces was a good idea because now anyone can see it and read about the story behind your piece. It gives you and opportunity to express yourself to anyone. I've learned that sticking with an idea you really like despite anyone else's opinion can turn out better than expected in the end. For example, my layers project. I had an idea that Mr. Sands was not too fond about but I stuck with it and he ended up really liking it in the end.

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