Friday, October 25, 2013

The theme of my artwork is "time". You could look at this and think many reasons to why it has to do with time. To me, when I made this, the purpose was to see that the woman is waiting at the bus stop getting ready to leave home. Obviously, time passes as she waits for the bus to come. You could look at this in deeper meaning but I had trouble doing that. I started over three times. I stared off using watercolor. I didn't like how that turned out so I used acrilic paint. Again, I didn't like how that turned out either. My very last try I thought of something different, so I went about collaging pictures together. It looks so much neater now, but I feel like I could have done more to it. I didn't like this project too much but overall I think my piece turned out okay. The process in making this was simple. I found pictures online and printed it out on glossy paper. I cut everything out and glued it down. Making the glue I used 70% glue and 30% water. To give it a flat and better look I hot glued my paper to card board as a final touch.

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