Friday, November 1, 2013

Nature art project. I really enjoyed making this because it was fun yet simple to do. There are so many things you could create with nature and so many ideas as well. While brainstorming I thought of the idea to make a clock out of flowers, leaves, and twigs. I was at my house while I made this and I found flowers from my front yard and leaves and twigs from a random tree. I arranged them how I liked them best and kept it like this. The twigs were obviously originally brown and I thought it looked odd with the color of the flowers, so I painted the twigs pink. Also, to make it more obvious that it was a clock, I wrote numbers on the leaves with a sharpie. I really loved how it turned out. I love the colors and how bright it looks compared to the sidewalk, it really pops out at you. There is nothing I would change about it!

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