Monday, November 4, 2013

Relief project. This was a long process to make. Cutting out each flower, stem, petal was a lot of work to do. At first I thought it would turn out really bad, but after it was fired and glazed I'd say that it looks much better than I thought it would be.There were a lot of steps in making this. First, I cut out four even squares. After that I began to sculpt the flowers to look like they did in my life size sketch. After I placed all the flowers and stems where I wanted them, it was ready to be put in the kiln room. It was ready to be glazed by then. I purposly made the background messy like that. I wanted some areas to be a dark blue and some areas that are light blue. For everything else, I just found colors that I thought would look best. I think this turned out really well. The only thing I would change are the squares. Some are not even like the others. Also, I would paint a little neater so that the glaze is solid all around.

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