Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pressure project. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought pressure was Ballet. I thought this because Ballet is a lot of pressure on your foot, as well as a lot of pressure to be perfect. I didn't want to use clay again, so instead I used a different process. This process was taking wire and bending it into the shape I wanted it to be in in order to look like a Ballet shoe. I then took newspapers and balled it into certian sizes in certian areas in order for it to look like this. To get the newspaper to stay I wraped it well with tape. Afterwards, I painted it white for a cleaner and better look. After that, I found this color ribbon that was similar to what a Ballet shoe color would look like, it also has the texture of one too! I wraped this around the shoe as well. I took a block of wood and painted it grey so that I could then glue the shoe to it. I don't think I would change anything about this project, I really like how it turned out.

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